Why You Need A Break !

I think the hardest part about asking for help is realizing that you aren’t able to do the work yourself. We live in a world that glorifies the “do-it-all” woman. To be a woman who can run a business, run a household and raise a healthy family seems like the ultimate goal. However, those that we see supposedly “doing it all” normally have A LOT of help behind the scenes! No one can truly do it ALL and do it well. When we attempt to do it all, that’s when we run into feelings of either being burnt out in business or losing connection with our families and friends. The truth is, outsourcing and allowing someone to do the parts of your business that you don’t HAVE to do is a part of the GROWTH process!! The most successful business owners in the world started handing off and delegating parts of their tasks early on in their business so that they were able to continue to grow and have the margin to dream! Imagine if you didn’t feel strapped by your constant, never-ending to-do list each week when you sat down in your office. What if you could get rid of even just 4-6 hours of busy work? What would that allow you to do? What projects have been sitting on the back burner for months… maybe even YEARS? This is the part of what I do that I love… I get to make your life easier and bring peace to your workload… which ultimately will bring peace to your family dynamic!!


Every creative small business owner needs to be utilizing Pinterest as a marketing tool for their business! However, not every creative has time to pin portfolio images, manage boards, enter custom alternative text and fully take advantage of all of the free marketing power that Pinterest has to offer. What if someone could do all of this for you? What if you could book more clients and grow more online simply because someone was doing the busy work for you?!


Your hard work and beautiful images deserve to be published! Whether you’re wanting to submit your work to a blog or a magazine, I can help! From gathering and uploading images to entering event information, the submission process can take hours of precious work time away from your everyday to-do list. By taking this dreaded task off of your to-do list, you are freeing yourself up to focus on the parts of your business that need your undivided attention while simultaneously sending your work out for local and national exposure.


Can you imagine what your life would be like if the responsibility of your inbox wasn’t all on you? Any small business owner would agree that the emails never seem to end. Some days, tackling your inbox can easily take up the majority of your work hours and keep you from accomplishing big things in your business. Whether you need help managing inquiries, executing client workflows or handling everything in between, having assistance with your inbox will be life changing!


With experience in helping other online educators manage their student and customer accounts, let me help you run the business that you have poured so much time, energy, and effort into building. Are you flooded with emails everyday that you can’t seem to ever catch a break?  Are you constantly dealing with customers that need technical support, have questions about your products or services, need a simple password reset, would like information on payments, refunds, or forms of payment you take, don’t know where to download their products, can’t seem to find where to pay, can’t access their purchases, etc, etc?!  Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all these mundane, time consuming tasks, let me takeover so you can keep building the business of your dreams!


For a creative, blogging is the secret to amazing SEO and also allows their clients to feel highlighted! It’s also the best way to show the world that their business is thriving and that they are regularly producing work! The problem is, blogging takes time! From pairing images, resizing them, renaming them, linking vendors, formatting, proofreading, publishing, and then promoting the post, it can be an all-day process. That is why I offer blogging assistance as a service to creative small businesses. Let me take your content and make it come to life. Finally have a blogging schedule and start experiencing all of the rewards of an active blog!


Client and vendor communication is different than simply managing an inbox. For a lot of creative small businesses, they have specific workflows that they like to implement in their post processing! So many of these workflow steps could be handed off to someone else to lessen the load. From sending client images to vendors, passing along final client galleries to notifying vendors of publications and everything in between, I can help!

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“The help that Morgan provides has given me margin to continue to DREAM with my business!”

“I have always known that I needed help in my business. When I was shooting 30+ weddings a year, I knew that I couldn’t handle the workload and I started outsourcing! That’s when we first hired my editor and my sister! Fast forward several years, our business has grown and we had a baby! Life and business would never be the same. I’m only shooting 10-12 weddings a year now and so you would think that I wouldn’t need MORE help, right? Wrong. In this new season of life, I’m realizing just how much I don’t want to be spending my precious time away from my daughter doing tasks that could easily be handed off to someone else who would LOVE to do them for me! This is when Morgan comes in! Morgan has taken away the tasks from my workload that I never needed to be doing in the first place and I can’t explain how much of a blessing that is in our life! I trust her more with my workflow than I trust myself these days with mom-brain! Utilizing Morgan’s services is allowing me to be the mom and business owner that I always hoped to be!!” – Katelyn